fasteners are used in the manufacture of wind turbines.

Fasteners used in wind turbines must withstand the high stress applications and intense vibrations that exist during the turbine operation.

UnaLock was designed for Exactly this type of environment. Our fasteners, are utilized for internal and external bolting of the tower sections, blade and hub joints, nacelle components and gear units.

The UnaLock fastener holds the gear unit together. Uncompromising reliability in both the fastener and the bolt is of major importance in wind gear units. The world’s leading wind turbine manufacturers know UnaLock for our reliability and quality.











More than 500 bolts alone go into a wind turbine.
This does not include the hundreds of other types of fasteners that bring a wind turbine to life, keeping it standing safely and securely while producing electricity.
Typical bolting areas on a wind turbine include:

Tower sections;
Front main bearing;
Blade to bearing;
Main shaft to the hub;
Nacelle and yaw bearing;
Nacelle frame; and
Rear main bearing.

The gear unit is one of the main components in a wind turbine.
It transmits the power and the rotational energy of the rotor blades to the generator, which creates electric energy. The uncompromising reliability of the gear unit is crucial for the maximal performance of a wind turbine.

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The total amount of fasteners used in a typical three-blade wind turbine, from the ground to the top, can amount to more than 25,000 fasteners per turbine. 

Power generation from wind depends on bolts, studs, screws, and nuts, with any imperfections bringing the entire operation to a halt.

The UnaLock Fasteners are easily removed and reused, which saves costs. 
"No Special Tools Needed"

Other types of secure fasteners are not easily removed and must be burned or cut off destroying the bolt and requiring purchase of a new one.

UnaLock solves this issue.











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