Unalock vibration proof fasteners are utilized in ship building applications.

UnaLock Fasteners hold clamp load in vibration and high pressure environments. Ship builders use our fasteners in many applications, such as waste water, ballast tanks, prop drives, propeller shafts, cranes, hydraulics and ship assembly.

All onboard machines, devices and structures are subjected to the influence of vibrations.


UnaLock   fasteners hold ballast water treatment systems together.

When propulsion shafting vibrations are involved, there are three distinct types of vibration movement, each with specific sources, characteristics and consequences. These three kinds of shafting vibrations are torsional, axial and lateral vibrations.

Shafting torsional vibrations are characterized by variable speeds of shafting rotation. In contrast to other detectable types of vibration, like axial or lateral vibrations, shafting torsional vibrations are "invisible."

This kind of shafting vibration may become, the cause of serious damages, including shafting fractures. 

UnaLock greatly reduces the risk associated from these invisible vibrations by keeping joints assembled to their proper torque and tension. 

"UnaLock Holds It Together"

























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