In essence, nuts and bolts assembled on vibrating structures are subject to a phenomenon called
“vibration loosening” which is caused by the relative motion of SIDE SLIDING between the threads of the nut and bolt.

NOT one of the existing fasteners in the market today prevents SIDE SLIDING of the nut or bolt without:

  • Incurring extraordinary installations and/or dismantling costs;

  • Requiring specialized tools;

  • Demanding destructive dismantling methods.

    Unalock Solves This Problem.


UnaLock ™® fasteners uniquely CAPTURE, RETAIN & DELIVER GREATER ENERGY BACK to an assembled joint to DEFLECT SHOCK & VIBRATION.

The Unalock Fastener System has been proven to be the only self-locking, vibration-proof product of its kind by delivering an improved realm of science to the Global Fastener Industry.


  1. Never before has a Lateral Spring been integrated into a threaded fastener system that acts directly against the relative motion of Side Sliding or any variations in the thickness of the plates being bolted together.

  2. Every Unalock Fastener System is custom designed to meet and/or exceed the performance requirements for specific applications and/or environments.

  3. Two unique parts create a re-usable, free-spinning, single-threaded component, self-locking, vibrationproof fastener system that is as easy to install and dismantle as a standard nut and washer utilizing conventional tools.


Latin UNA = in one, together.
LOCK = any device or part for stopping the motion of a mechanism. 
Hence the name UNALOCK™ ®

Increased Joint Strength, Reusable, No Special Tools Needed

All UnaLock products are manufactured according to the highest quality standards.

UnaLock Fasteners are used in a wide variety of applications which demand high quality, high strength precision components.

In addition to our standard product line, UnaLock manufactures 
semi-standards and special fasteners.

UnaLock finishing operations include state of the art controlled heat treating.

UnaLock ensures the clamping force, thereby increasing the level of safety, in an assembled joint.






Unalock LTD is proud to introduce the UnaLock Fastener System.
The Most REVOLUTIONARY IMPROVEMENT to the Global Fastener Industry, since the inception of Prevailing Torque Nuts and the Huck Bolt which were both invented in the 1930’s!


Advantages and benefits of the Unalock Fastener System.

  • Superior Performance

  • Test results prove vast superiority over competition

  • Eliminates ‘vibration loosening’ by preventing SIDE SLIDING between nut & bolt threads

  • Engages ONLY when nut assembles to proper Seat Torque

  • Does NOT lose locking qualities from thread travel

  • Highly resistant to clamp load loss

  • Higher fastener Tensile Strength by offsetting the radial affects of Nut Dilation

  • Vibration-proof at extreme temperatures


  • Utilizes standard threaded bolts

  • Does NOT require specialized tools

  • Easy to install, maintain or repair

  • Visual verification of self-locking mechanism for maintenance inspections

  • Ideal for blind-hole or other special applications


  • Greater protection against the severe liabilities of fastener failure

  • Drastically reduces installation, maintenance & removal costs

  • Screw machine operations for low volume, large bore and/or specialty metal applications

  • Cold forming, Hot Forging to reduce costs for high volume production applications

  • Pricing is extremely cost-effective in VA/VE comparisons with inferior products


Manufacturing Capacity
Ranges From
M1.6 (1/16" dia)

to M180 (7" dia) 



To order simply email or call us today.
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We ship globally and in most cases we can have a sample to you in less than 48 hrs.

Please note:
All Unalock Fasteners come with individual marking and tracing, to ensure our customers that they are using an official Unalock product.
Beware of cheap imitations and knock offs. All original Unalock products are guaranteed not to fail. If you have any questions about our products, or if you would like to make certain you are using an official Unalock product, simply contact us today via the website. 
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