One of our main business sectors is the Oil and Gas industry.


Unalock provides guaranteed clamping force for swing check valves.
Unalock fasteners are used in many valve applications.
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UnaLock works extensively with companies that manufacture Sub Sea Drilling technology.

fasteners hold clamp force in extreme applications like deep sea drill heads.


UnaLock Fasteners are designed to withstand extreme temperature.
-101 Celsius to +500 Celsius

UnaLock supplies fasteners to industries demanding safety and quality critical products.

Turbines, Sub Sea Equipment, Boilers, Valves and Actuators, Pumps, Nuclear Reactors, Pipework Fabrications, Offshore Cranes, Pressure Vessels, and Diesel Engines just to name a few.






Unalock goes to its clients to see how they work, and what applications our fasteners will be used in. 

We understand and offer knowledge as to how our products can improve your solutions.

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