UnaLock fasteners are used in mining equipment and tunneling, to include boring machines, drills, and heavy equipment.

UnaLock fasteners are used in mechanically fastened joints, where there is a need for component disassembly.

UnaLock requires no special tools for assembly or disassembly.

UnaLock fasteners are 100% reusable.

In order to determine individual fastener loads accurately, Unalock accounts for the contribution of each UnaLock Fastener to joint flexibility.

Joint flexibilities are obtained from load-deflection tests upon the UnaLock Fastener.

The Formula for predicting load transfer in multiple-row joints based on UnaLock Fastener flexibility, is derived from test results from a variety of joint materials. 

This allows us to improve the prediction of stress and fatigue performance in mechanically fastened joints.



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