UnaLock fasteners are used in the manufacture of vehicles.

UnaLock is used in the assembly of engines, robotics, turbochargers, drivelines, transmissions, pinion nuts, suspension systems, as well as a host of other critical vibration environments, within the vehicle manufacturing sector.


From turbochargers to drivelines Unalock provides a fastener that delivers and maintains 100% clampload.



Keeping the robotic manufacturing equipment up and running is imperative for companies to maintain production levels and profit margins.

Turbochargers experience vast temperature fluctuations as well as extreme vibration.

By Using UnaLock  fasteners, companies save time on re-torquing and maintenance, 
"UnaLock Holds It Together"

UnaLock fastener's save lives, time, money and greatly reduces the risk associated with fastener failure in a vibration environment.

Our fasteners do not fail. contact us today and we will prove it to you.




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