Welcome to Unalock LTD Corporation’s web-site. 
We appreciate your interest in our company and the innovative Unalock Vibration Proof Fasteners designed and produced by our fine team of engineers at Unalock.

Unalock has distinguished itself as a manufacturer with a strong engineering tradition who provides substantial added value in the fastener products it brings to market. Our robust, durable Unalock fasteners have found a home in some of industry’s most demanding applications, supported by our quality/design philosophy. 

100% of our production are proprietary custom designed fasteners, customized to meet application requirements, so please let us know your needs. Our website is designed to assist you in arriving at a fastener solution, that matches your specifications.

Once the specifications are finalized and agreed-upon, We think you’ll find our Lean manufacturing system is finely tuned to giving you what you need, when you need it, supported by our Customer Service group and a great network of distribution partners and field sales representatives.

We’re dedicated to continually improving the value chain we support in helping our customers achieve success in their markets.

We have manufacturing facilities in Lithuania, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Sweden, and North America.

The Unalock™ ® Fastener is distributed globally through our network of professional partners. 

Contact us today for a sample of the UnaLock ™ ® fastener.





"A Quality Driven Company Providing Innovative Solutions".

Unalock LTD began by inventing, designing, and producing the UnaLock™ ®
Vibration Proof Fastener for the several demanding application environments, including rail, oil, gas, mining, wind energy, and heavy equipment manufacturing.

Our Team includes senior engineers and executives from the Aerospace, Rail, Energy, Automotive, and Defense Industry with over 25 years of manufacturing experience.

Our proprietary patent pending UnaLock ™® fastener system is recognized by industry leaders for solving a potentially life threatening problem, fastener failure in a vibration environment.


We are specialist in the supply of high  strength fasteners in accordance with International standards.

The prestigious list of projects that the company has worked on is testament to the quality of its products.




We are committed to providing you with a quality fastener solution that will eliminate fastener failure in critical applications.

We have extensive manufacturing facilities, including hot forging, cold forming, screw machine, with full CNC prototyping capability.
Our Fastening Solutions are distributed globally.
















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