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The Worlds Best Vibration Proof Fasteners for applications where
Failure Is NOT An Option.

The Unalock Fastener System is a new bolting mechanism that makes use of strain energy stored between a compressed annulus against a circumferential collar to ensure the assembled joint remains tight in the case of vibrations or any variations in the thickness of the material being bolted.

Ultimately, the extended annulus and clamping collar form a
LATERAL SPRING within the assembled joint to deflect Shock & Vibration and prevents the phenomenon called �vibrational loosening� caused by the relative motion of Side Sliding between the internal/external threads of the nut and bolt.


Reusable * No Special Tools Needed * No Clamp Load Loss *
Vibration Proof Fasteners


Please note:
All Unalock Fasteners come with individual marking and tracing, to ensure our customers that they are using an official Unalock product.
Beware of cheap imitations and knock offs. 

All original Unalock products are guaranteed not to fail. 
If you have any questions about our products, or if you would like to make certain you are using an official Unalock product, simply contact us today via the website. 

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100% Guaranteed Fail Proof Fasteners for extreme environments.

Clamping Force Is What It's All About












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